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Keivan Ahmadi is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, College of Science. He is a pharmacist with a master degree in Clinical Pharmacy and holds a PhD. His doctoral work aimed at developing measurement tools to measure the changes in HIV/AIDS-related stigmatizing attitudes of healthcare students as they became more professionalized. Thus, health equality, marginalized population access to health and public health are of great interest to him. He has served in academia for almost a decade. He has spent most of his academic adventures in Malaysia - food paradise of Southeast Asia. Keivan has a keen interest in understanding/evaluating the ever changing landscape of ‘Pharmacy Education’ and in a broader term ‘Health Education’. Keivan sees the future of healthcare through the wide angled lenses of values-based education & interprofessional learning. I am currently looking for PhD students - self-financed - who are interested to work towards finding answers to: 1- What determines/expedites professional development and attitude change among healthcare professionals? 2- How to respond to the healthcare needs of marginalized population e.g., transgenders via current healthcare models? 3- How to effectively address the vaping - electronic cigarettes - behavior and habits? I am also looking for a Masters student (Home/EU) who is interested to work on a project to investigate the prevalence of vaping and factors associated with it among university students. The funding is available to cover the tuition fees, only. The project shall start in September/October 2018.

Department Responsibilities

Interprofessional education (IPE) Lead (School of Pharmacy) Year 2 Academic Lead 2016-17

Subject Specialism

Health Education; Interprofessional Education; HIV/AIDS Stigma; Public Health; Scale Development


  • Lincoln Postgraduate Research (PGR) supervisor development programme — University of Lincoln, 2016
  • PhD — Monash University, 2015
  • MClin Pharm — 2007
  • B.Pharm — 2005

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Research Interests

  • Health education & Interprofessional Education

  • Clinical Research

  • Public Health

  • Scale (Survey Tools) Development Techniques

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Research Projects

  • Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Professional Identity: Can Students’ Reflective Writings Measure Professional Development? — awarded £750 by Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute (LHERI) in 2017

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