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About Tatjana Hoehfurtner

I am interested in the interactions between organisms’ form, function, behaviour and environment. I undertook an MScRes to investigate the evolution of morphology, specifically looking at Liolaemus lizards and geometric morphometrics (a means of accurately quantifying shape), to determine if this exceptionally diverse genus contains ecomorphs, distantly related species that are phenotypically similar due to exposure to similar environments. I also began to explore alternate explanations. I am currently working as part of a research group at the University of Lincoln investigating the welfare of pet reptiles. We aim to improve the welfare of reptiles kept as pets in the UK; to do this we first need to determine and quantify the current welfare of pet reptiles as such we have compiled surveys with the knowledge and input from the BVZS, BSAVA and the RSPCA. We are also developing measures to assess welfare of reptile species.


  • MSc in Life Sciences by Research — University of Lincoln, 2017