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About Tracey Thornborrow

I am currently working as a research associate in the School of Psychology. I achieved a first class honours BSc in Anthropology at University College London and went on to complete a Masters in Visual Anthropology with ethnographic film making at Manchester University. I did my PhD in Psychology at Newcastle University as part of a Leverhulme funded project under the supervision of Professor Martin Tovee of University of Lincoln, and Dr Lynda Boothroyd of Durham University. Our research investigates body ideals and women's body image, particularly in non-Western, non-White populations, with the aim of improving our understanding how environmental and sociocultural factors, particularly media influence, contribute to the development of body image concerns and eating disorders in general. I am also interested in the role of body movement and dance in shaping attractiveness judgements, and men's body image in both Western and non-Western populations. I endeavour to use mixed methods and take an interdisciplinary approach to the work, both of which I consider to be essential when researching the human condition and human behaviour.

Subject Specialism

Attractiveness, body image, eating disorders. Mixed methods and interdisciplinary approaches