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About Ben Walker

I am a Senior Lecturer at The University of Lincoln and am the lead for the HEFCE funded research project, ‘Intervention for Success’, at this institution. The project aims to enhance the support and interventions given to HE students through academic personal tutoring. I am currently completing a PhD by Published Work. Having written a book (published in 2015) which aims to define the personal tutor, as well as explain and demonstrate how to carry out the role effectively, I am exploring proactive, holistic conceptions of tutoring further through the lens of critical pedagogy and the important implications for organisations, practitioners and students. Current writing on definitions and implications will be followed by pieces examining the findings of my current primary research on the perceived effectiveness of the tutoring role, discussing the history of tutoring, considering the policy overview and updating classic tutoring models. Prior to Lincoln I was a manager of personal tutoring and going further back, I was a manager of English and full time teacher of English for several years. A keen writer, researcher and blogger within education, I’m passionate about the impact the support side of the Lecturer’s role, including personal tutoring and coaching, can have on students individually, as well as on institutions more broadly, and I’m committed to developing this field further.

Department Responsibilities

Project coordinator for the ‘Intervention for Success’ project. 

Subject Specialism

Personal tutoring and teacher education. 

Research Interests

  • personal tutoring

  • Teacher education

Research Projects

  • Intervention for Success — HEFCE in 2017
  • Research Development Fellowship — ETF in 2015

Professional Affiliations