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Andrew Rowcroft is a PhD student in English, and Associate Lecturer in English at the University of Lincoln and Nottingham Trent University. Andrew is working on a doctoral project which locates contemporary British and American fiction in relation to new forms of Marxist literary criticism, identifying five authors who demonstrate a willingness to forge new, open, and plural dialogues with Marx and Marxism. The project pursues close readings of texts by Jonathan Lethem, Dana Spiotta, China Miéville, Thomas Pynchon, and Kim Stanley Robinson, alongside the theoretical positions of Marx and Marxist critical thinkers working in ecology, class, revolution, and utopia. Andrew is the convenor the convenor for the Marx Research Seminar and organiser for ‘What’s Left: Marxism, Literature and Culture in the 21st Century’ (2016). He has published on the American authors Thomas Pynchon and Jonathan Lethem, and is currently editing a special issue journal, 'What’s Left? Marxism, Literature, and Culture in the 21st Century' with the OLH. Andrew has lectured in American Studies at the University of Munster and the University of Osnabruck and chaired a research seminar for the Contemporary Studies Network (NTU) on contemporary fiction, technology, and AI. He is currently proposing a post-doctoral project on American science-fiction, provisionally titled ‘Kim Stanley Robinson: Revolutions in, against, and beyond Capital’.

Department Responsibilities

Andrew currently teaches on the undergraduate modules: ‘Introduction to Literary Studies’, ‘Making Americas’, ‘American Literature I & II’, ‘Theory Wars’, and ‘American Literature: Writing Self and Nation’ (NTU), and has taught on the MA module ‘Contemporary American Fiction’. He has supervised undergraduate dissertations in modern and contemporary fiction. He has recently completed a workshop session on Cormac McCarthy’s The Road as part of the ‘Engaging older readers in 21st-century literature’ initiative, sponsored by the Research Investment Fund at the University of Lincoln. Andrew has just returned from the American Studies departments at the University of Munster and the University of Osnabruck where he spoke on the subject of contemporary American fiction, Donald Trump, and the US election. He has peer-reviewed articles for Representations, C21, Global Discourse, and Open Library of the Humanities.

Subject Specialism

Contemporary Amercian Literature, Marxism


  • Associate Fellow of the HEA — University of Lincoln, 2016
  • MA, Modern & Contemporary Studies — Newcastle University, 2011
  • BA, English Literature — Newcastle University, 2010


  • £500, Exchange Bursary — Santander Universities,
  • £560, Introduction to American Literature (Short course) — PEARL Activity grants ,
  • £500, Marx Research Seminar — Doctoral School, University of Lincoln,
  • £500, National Exchange Bursary — Santander Universities,
  • £300, conference grant — English & Journalism,
  • £400, conference grant for ‘What’s Left? — English & Journalism,
  • £2,000, International Exchange Bursary — Santander Universities,
  • £2,000, Marx Research Seminar — Graduate School, University of Lincoln,
  • £500, Cumberland Lodge Residential Award — Graduate School, University of Lincoln,
  • IIPPE, travel grant — Amiel & Melburn Trust,
  • £1,530, Research Assistance Fund — RAF, University of Lincoln,
  • Full Royals — Newcastle University AU,


Director of Marx Research Seminar College Representative for PRES English & Journalism Member of Graduate School Advisory Board Member of College of Arts Research Committee Secretary for Part-time Members (UCU) Equalities Officer (UCU)

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Research Interests

  • American Literature

  • Marxism

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